Whatever You Want Me To Say, I'll Say It!

Just what is Mitt Romney’s position, other than to pander to whatever crowd he thinks is listening?


Good Lord!

April 21, 2010

No pun intended.

Sarah Palin advocates for a Theocracy

Sarah on the march

Palin advocates for a theocracy.

When Conservatives talk about America being a “Christian nation,” where exactly are they getting that from? I’d like to see them back that up with any text from the Constitution or even the Declaration of Independence. In other words, anything establishing the U.S. as a “Christian Nation.”

Is there anyone out there who still believes that this man has a clue how to manage the economy?
The Dow Plummets.

Thank God for those stimulus checks.


MSNBC is Beyond the Pale

April 24, 2008

I tend to be someone who defends Chris Matthews when blogs blast him for every little issue. However, as I watch Hardball today I stand in disbelief at the narrative that Chris Matthews and the rest of the press are choosing to tell when it comes to the Democratic primary.

I just stood and watched as Chris Matthews asked his panel of political morons why Barack Obama doesn’t offer Hillary Clinton the deal that he will support re-votes in Florida and Michigan under the condition that at the end of the contest the candidate with with the most delegates wins the nomination. I’m curious why Chris Matthews is naive enough to think that Hillary would honor such a deal. She has repeatedly chosen to set her own goal posts for the competition and change her own rationale for who should win the nomination depending on the situation as it best suits her. Does Chris Matthews also forget that whether Hillary Clinton or Mr. Matthews likes it, the nomination is decided by who earns the most delegates anyway?

Additionally, Chris Matthews and his band of political morons brought up Reverend Wright’s new interview with Bill Moyers. I’ve heard numerous times now on MSNBC that Reverend Wright has come out without being asked. Um, it’s an interview. Didn’t Bill Moyers ask him? I am what you must see as a lowly common voter who prefers your opinion to my own, yet I had already ready about the Bill Moyers interview and saw it for what it is, the Reverend having the opportunity to defend himself from the relentless attacks by the media on his out of context statements. It doesn’t hurt Barack Obama with voters, but MSNBC prefers to say that it does because Reverend Wright points out that the media chose which words of his they wanted to use for their own purposes.

I just heard Joe Scarborough describe that Pennsylvania was one of the worst defeats in Barack Obama’s career. Was he asleep leading up to that primary? Barack Obama lost by almost exactly the spread that everyone predicted. If anything, he vastly improved the spread. Everyone knew how that primary was going to go. Joe Scarborough is quite transparent in preferring Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama yet he refuses to recognize that while Clinton reliably goes down in percentage points with every primary, Barack Obama goes up in the polls. Despite the facts, MSNBC continues to allow someone as clueless as Joe Scarborough to sell the story that Hillary Clinton is pulling ahead.

I hear people like Pat Buchanan ask again and again why Barack Obama can’t “close the deal?” Isn’t the real question why can’t Hillary Clinton “close the deal?” This is her contest to lose. The primary season began with the press all but coronating Hillary Clinton until actual votes started coming in and the people surprised the press.

What is MSNBC doing, holding a contest for who can be the most clueless political pundit on TV? Why not just hire some people from Fox News?

Everyone has long since given up on Fox News, Why is MSNBC trying to become more like them?

A note for the MSNBC. You don’t have to make constant fools of yourselves. It’s OK, and even preferable, to respect your audience enough to report the news and not present the narrative that best serves your long term interests.

Please, please stop. Take some time to do some research, look beyond the spin, fact check your own clueless pundits like Joe Scarborough, Pat Buchanan and Tucker Carlson.

Is this nothing more than the press showing frustration at the fact that despite the media continues to push its chosen narrative, Hillary Clinton’s negatives continue to climb and her chances at winning the nomination become all but nonexistent?

The GOP Disintegrates

February 6, 2008

You know it’s almost fun to watch the Republican establishment wet its brickers. Watching Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh and their ilk react to the voters deciding for themselves who to represent them is like watching a little boy throw a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way.

I have many reasons not to support John McCain in anyway. (Bomb, bomb Iran; 100 years of war) But you can’t tell me it’s not funny to watch those who are so used to having their followers do their bidding fall apart at the thought of not being listened to….

Tonight, January 28th will be the final State of The Union by “President” George W. Bush. (Barring, of course, any declaration of Martial Law as a result of another preventable terrorist attack on American soil.)

It is remarkable how irrelevant it will be. But no less remarkable than the fact that we can already assuredly predict the irrelevancy of it. And certainly with more reliability than political pundits.

All one has to do is to look at the previous Bush State of the Union Addresses to see the predictable irrelevancy of his promises and utterings, as well as the foreshadowing of the laughable (if it weren’t so sad) legacy he will leave behind.

You know it doesn’t happen often, but I think a genuine artistic creation geared toward entertaining large audiences has managed to present a scenario that will (or should) please BOTH sides of the abortion argument.

In the film Juno, the very screen-friendly Ellen Page plays a teenage girl who finds herself with an unwanted pregnancy. At first she plans for abortion, going so far as to visit the clinic before backing out. “It has fingernails,” she tells her friend. She ends up deciding to have the baby and give it away to a family that wants it. Her preference is to find a surrogate couple where the father would play bass guitar and is into cool music.

As it turns out, she could very likely end up pleasing both sides of the abortion debate, a very rare thing indeed. The Pro-Life crowd is pleased because she had the baby. Pro-choice people should be happy because Juno was able to choose to”keep” the baby.

Papa don’t Preach, indeed.

Of course, both sides are probably mad at the movie because they were robbed of an opportunity to politicize it. There’s no pleasing some people.