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Just what is Mitt Romney’s position, other than to pander to whatever crowd he thinks is listening?



April 29, 2010

Just sick. If these people believe prayer works the way they claim, how is this not attempted murder?
Facebook fans attempt assassination by proxy
Facebook group praying for President Obama’s death reaches over 1,000,000 viewers.

This is one of those stories that exemplify so well how desperate and sad the Right Wing is in this country. If older white males want to be counted so badly among Obama’s voting base, they are more than welcome to have voted for him. That seems to be their complaint, anyway. Crybabys like Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge are crying that older white males weren’t included in the list of demographics that voted for Obama.

The G.O.P. race-baits by imagining race-baiting.

Some recent number crunching has produced interesting, if unsurprising numbers concerning internet rumors that concern current and past Presidents.

The party of no… credibility.

Salon reports on an initial finding by the blog Oz and Ends comparing the veracity of rumors targeting Democratic Presidents to those of Republican Presidents.

To keep on top of urban myths of all kinds, I subscribe to the Snopes.com update list, and I noticed a pattern there that I thought deserved to be examined more arithmetically. It struck me I was seeing a lot more rumors about President Obama, and a lot more false rumors, than I remembered from earlier years. So I ran the numbers, as of this week.

After eight years in the White House (with Snopes.com around all that time), George W. Bush has been the subject of 47 internet rumors. After less than two years in office, Barack Obama has been the subject of 87, or nearly twice as many.

What should be of interest to innocent readers of forwarded emails is not only the amount of the rumors, but what the accuracy of said rumors tells about those spreading them. 

Even more telling is the relative accuracy of those stories. For Bush, 20 rumors, or 43%, are true. Only 17, or 36%, are false. The remainder are of mixed veracity (4), undetermined (4), or unclassifiable (2).

In contrast, for Obama only 8 of the 87 rumors, or 9%, are true, and a whopping 59, or 68%, are whoppers. There are 17 of mixed veracity and 3 undetermined.

In other words, rumors spread by the Right targeting Democrats are far more likely to be entirely manufactured lies than those spread about Republicans.

Additionally, false rumors about Democrats are more likely to be negative while those concerning Republicans can sometimes even caste a positive impression.

I delved down to the stories that the site designates as a mixture of truth and falsehood. For Obama, in many cases the truth is innocuous while the lie reflects poorly on the President, particularly photographs that are misrepresented or show behavior that produced no complaints when his predecessors did the same. In contrast, in this mixture of truth and falsehood about George W. Bush praying with an injured soldier, the lie reflected well on that President from the perspective of the religious person spreading it.

Read more on Salon.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities released a report on April 14th finding that middle class Americans are paying their second-lowest income tax rates in 50 years.

See the report here.

So just what is it again that this Teabagger crowd is so mad about? Lower taxes? Less Governments pending by Democrats than by Republicans? Less encroachments on the Consitution? Less job losses? A growing economy? The biggest deficit reducing bill in decades?

Oh, yeah! (He’s black!)

To Answer Sarah Palin

April 16, 2010

This, Sarah, is the Hopey-Changey stuff you just can’t won’t deliver.

President Obama has ordered Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to ease Hospital visitation rights at hospitals that accept Medicare and Medicaid. Changes that will make it easier for Gays and Lesbians to receive visitors from their partners and allow more choice in who can make medical decisions in their stead.

Increased rights for gay hospital patients

Read more here.

Read the whole memorandum here.

Good lord, the Right Wing have lost their collective damned minds in every way possible. Have they no sense of right and wrong anymore? Are they really so blindly interested in putting their own power and small-minded ambitions above democratically-e…lected institutions? Do they really hate our Democracy so much? These “people” like Savage are utterly contemptible and disgusting in every way.

Media Matters points out that the appeals to the military follow a wave of rhetoric from the right suggesting that civilian violence against the government might be justified. Chuck Norris has asked if people are ready for “a second American Revolution.” RedState’s Erick Erickson has asked, “At what point do the people … march down to their state legislator’s house, pull him outside, and beat him to a bloody pulp?” Radio host Michael Savage declared recently that “we’re going to have a revolution in this country.”

The Right Wing Hates Democracy.