Whatever You Want Me To Say, I'll Say It!

Just what is Mitt Romney’s position, other than to pander to whatever crowd he thinks is listening?


You know it doesn’t happen often, but I think a genuine artistic creation geared toward entertaining large audiences has managed to present a scenario that will (or should) please BOTH sides of the abortion argument.

In the film Juno, the very screen-friendly Ellen Page plays a teenage girl who finds herself with an unwanted pregnancy. At first she plans for abortion, going so far as to visit the clinic before backing out. “It has fingernails,” she tells her friend. She ends up deciding to have the baby and give it away to a family that wants it. Her preference is to find a surrogate couple where the father would play bass guitar and is into cool music.

As it turns out, she could very likely end up pleasing both sides of the abortion debate, a very rare thing indeed. The Pro-Life crowd is pleased because she had the baby. Pro-choice people should be happy because Juno was able to choose to”keep” the baby.

Papa don’t Preach, indeed.

Of course, both sides are probably mad at the movie because they were robbed of an opportunity to politicize it. There’s no pleasing some people.