This IRS “Scandal” must be the biggest non-scandal of all time. Basically it boils down to to the IRS taking a second look at groups that deserved a second look when applying as blatantly political groups for tax exempt status while claiming to be serving the public welfare.

No conservative groups were denied tax-exempt status, no one even was audited. Liberal groups were targeted as well, and only one group was denied, which was a liberal group.

And somehow the media blindly repeats the initial claim that conservative groups were unfairly targeted by the IRS. And even with all of the information that’s come out since the media’s either too lazy or too embarrassed to correct their initial assumptions.

Yet another failure of our media to do good reporting. And another issue abysmally covered by Huffingtonpost.
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Whatever You Want Me To Say, I'll Say It!

Just what is Mitt Romney’s position, other than to pander to whatever crowd he thinks is listening?

Careful, Chris you almost made Wrench Prius cry.

Funny how the Republican party likes to hold itself up to as this manly, machismo-led party, yet represents itself with man-babies like Priebus, Boehner and Boehner that do nothing but whine and cry when people call them on their BS.
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Wow. Romney seriously wants to tie himself to the very guy behind the truly ridiculous and incredibly unpopular Ryan budget? Well, let him declare war on the lower and middle classes if he wants. The 1% will be well represented, for sure.
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Boy, of all of the pressing issues of these days and this particular election, issues of pot and its legality and who has or hasn’t smoked it must the be the least important thing to consider by about a factor of 10 to the 1000.
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Wait, Richard Dawkins is a “controver­sial” atheist? Why, because he’s an atheist? Is the Pope a “controver­sial” catholic? OK, bad example.
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When I think class, I think NASCAR! [sic]

When I think of people who “support the troops” and those who ACTUALLY support them, I sure don’t think conservati­ve white trash Nascar fans.
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