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The New York Times reports that a year after the Stimulus passed, the policies it enacted have saved or created 1.6 to 2 million jobs.

Just look at the outside evaluations of the stimulus. Perhaps the best-known economic research firms are IHS Global Insight, Macroeconomic Advisers and Moody’s They all estimate that the bill has added 1.6 million to 1.8 million jobs so far and that its ultimate impact will be roughly 2.5 million jobs. The Congressional Budget Office, an independent agency, considers these estimates to be conservative.

Despite some bureaucratic failings and stumbles on the way, by and large the stimulus package has done what it was intended to, stave off the next Great Depression.

The reasons for the stimulus’s middling popularity aren’t a mystery. The unemployment rate remains near 10 percent, and many families are struggling. Saying that things could have been even worse doesn’t exactly inspire. Liberals don’t like the stimulus because they wish it were bigger. Republicans don’t like it because it’s a Democratic program. The Obama administration hurt the bill’s popularity by making too rosy an economic forecast upon taking office.

Despite evidence to the contrary, Republicans and conservative pundits will continue to go on Fox News and say that the stimulus failed as if its common knowledge and no longer up for debate. This is an easy and obvious line for them since it’s an easy sell and requires little in the way of hard data.

Meanwhile, Democrats and liberal commentators have been busy calling out Republicans for voting against the stimulus while claiming responsibility for its positive effects and handing out checks to their local areas that are a result of stimulus funding.

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December 19, 2009

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On top of displaying a lack of understanding of civics, taxes or even manners, tuns out Conservatives can’t count either.

How many were there again?


After the 9/12 march on Washington, conservatives falsely claimed that over a million people attended, when in reality the closest thing to an official count — numbers given by the Washington DC Fire Department to — placed the crowd at “approximately 60,000 to 70,000 people.” Though today’s anti-health care reform rally has been much more sparsely attended, that hasn’t stopped conservatives from inflating the numbers again. On G. Gordon Liddy’s radio show today, producer Franklin Raff, who was on the ground at the rally, told guest host Joseph Farah that the crowd is “just as big or bigger than” the 9/12 rally, which Raff estimated “at about a million.”

Capitol Hill police told NBC’s Luke Russert that the crowd was about 4,000.

Today the Huffington Post ran the headline “Chris Dodd’s New Legislation Would Strip Power From Fed, FDIC” with the accompanying quote taken from the article:

Misleading Huffington Post Headline

Huffington Post's Editorial Team misleads its audience

WASHINGTON — A key Senate lawmaker is readying legislation that would dramatically redraw how the financial system is regulated, setting the chamber on a collision course with both the House of Representatives and the Obama administration, which have championed markedly different approaches.

The bill, which is being readied by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd (D., Conn.), would strip almost all bank-supervision powers from the Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., according to people familiar with the matter.

When one follows the link and reads the actual Wall Street Journal article, one becomes privy to an entirely different story. Rather than stripping regulatory oversight from the Government, the Senate Banking Committee’s bill would assign strong oversight powers to a new body.

The bill, which is being readied by Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd (D., Conn.), would strip almost all bank-supervision powers from the Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., according to people familiar with the matter. In their place, the bill would create a new agency in charge of supervising all banks and bank-holding companies, even the country’s largest and most complex institutions.

Mr. Dodd’s proposal also would create a powerful council of regulators, overseen by an independent White House appointee, charged with monitoring risks to the financial system.

Notice at what point the Huffington Post editorial team chooses to cut off its quote. Not at the end of a paragraph but instead at a point that paints Senator Dodd in an unfair light to its liberal audience, and audience that largely favors strong regulations.

While it isn’t clear what agenda the Huffington Post is pushing, the Huffington Post is run by media-savvy people who know that many people don’t read whole articles and only have time for headlines. Additionally, the fact that the Huffington Post chooses to quote a particularly misleading section of the article indicates a desire to drive the narrative on their part.

You just can’t get good honest news anymore.