10 Out of 10 Reputable Economists Agree

November 6, 2009

Just further evidence that if the teabaggers around our country screaming and hollering about out of control spending really cared about deficits they would be FOR passing health care reform.

In an open letter, some of the nations top economists write:

Successful health care reform is vital to the nation’s fiscal and economic future. The legislation the House will vote on in the coming days will guarantee security of coverage, limit the costs of care, create incentives for improved quality of care, and set us on the path towards sustainable economic growth. In short, the House health reform legislation takes the steps necessary to promote our economic health.

Specifically, the bill:

* Reduces the deficit by over $100 billion in the first 10 years, and continues to reduce the deficit in subsequent years, as judged by the Congressional Budget Office.
* Takes initial steps to “bend the cost curve,” and thus might lead to even larger cost savings than official estimates suggest.
* Covers nearly all American citizens and legal residents.

We urge House passage of the legislation, which provides a historic opportunity to realize the long-delayed goal of significant health care reform.


Dr. Henry J. Aaron, The Brookings Institution
Dr. Mike Chernew, Harvard University Medical School
Dr. David Cutler, Harvard University
Dr. Judy Feder, Georgetown University, Center for American Progress Action Fund
Dr. Dana Goldman, University of Southern California
Dr. Jonathan Gruber, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Len Nichols, The New America Foundation
Dr. Alice Rivlin, The Brookings Institution
Dr. Meredith Rosenthal, Harvard University School of Public Health
Dr. Jonathan Skinner, Dartmouth College
Dr. Katherine Swartz, Harvard University School of Public Health

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has already reported that the Democratic plan would reduce the Federal Deficit while the recently released G.O.P. plan would actually add to it.

Any conservatives or teabaggers who say that current Democratic proposals for health care reform would add to the deficit are either liars, misinformed or tragically confused.

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