Bob Cesca Nails Obama

November 5, 2009

Bob Cesca is one of the best political writers around, and I have yet to see him get one wrong.

As the far left and the far right increasingly pin their own pre-conceived worldviews, desires and even paranoia on our President, Bob Cesca does a good job at dissecting the truth of the change that we have seen in the year since we elected Barack Obama.

Bob Cesca: Hope, Change and The Long Road: One Year Later

Some choice bits…

Concerning the lunacy coming out of the Right Wing:

Of course the wingnut right — the Beck-Limbaugh-Palin Industrial Complex — has a significant head start. Plus, they’re immovable. Nothing this president does, short of resignation, will ever be greeted positively and everything will be pegged as a Nazi-Communist-Nixon-Carter-Terrorist usurping of American exceptionalism. However, on the left, there’s a growing discontentment that’s rapidly metastasizing into a similarly virulent and unchangeable anger. It not only threatens to fracture the president’s progressive base, but it could also force the president to retreat to the middle.

Concerning that change:

I’m not going to do the whole list, [of accomplishments thus far] but the tent pole items include setting a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, opening up federal funds for embryonic stem cell research, equal pay for women, ending torture, passing a major economic stimulus bill, which has helped to boost economic growth and yank the Dow back from the cliffs of insanity, and it looks like we’re going to have a fairly solid health care reform bill with a public insurance option sometime this year (unless Harry Reid fumbles it). Last week alone, the president signed historic new hate crimes legislation protecting the LGBT community, killed the useless F-22 program, ended funding for ineffectual abstinence-only education, and was able to ballyhoo the first quarter of economic growth since 2007. Plus, per the president’s orders, the Senate finally voted to allow the Guantanamo inmates to be moved onto U.S. soil for imprisonment and trial.

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