Shame on KK Office Solutions

October 13, 2009

Kansas City based company KK Office Solutions allegedly threatened their employees with termination if they dared to vote for Barack Obama last November.

Elliot Snell, a salesman of the company alleges that he was fired for his vote despite bringing in over $600,000 in sales for the company.

Elliot Snell sued KK Office Solutions in Wyandotte County Court. The email warned that if Obama were elected, all salespeople will have to pool their sales commissions to give underachieving salespeople a “fair shake;” that hourly employees will pool their wages, including overtime, to help those who are “too busy to for overtime;” that top management was to be referred to as “the government,” and would be exempt from pooling because the law doesn’t apply to it; and that the last few people hired “should clean out their desks.”

Read the disgusting story here.

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