So…. About Joe the Plumber

October 31, 2008 did a look recently into why Joe the Plumber has done little, if anything, to improve McCain’s poll numbers.

Thus, these data indicate that McCain hasn’t gained much ground with the tax argument for two reasons. First, critiques of income redistribution and higher taxes for those in the top income brackets appear to mostly resonate with Republicans (who are already supporting McCain) and they have far less appeal for independents. Second, the argument also fails because the symbol doesn’t fit the argument very well. Working class whites are just as likely to strongly favor the government’s role in income redistribution as they are to oppose it and most among this group feel as though high income Americans aren’t paying their fair share in taxes. Thus, “Joe the Plumber’s” views on taxes are not really representative of the views of the demographic he is supposed to symbolize. Ultimately, the tax arguments made by the McCain campaign may resonate with his base, but they are doing little to help him make inroads into Obama’s support among independents.

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