Blatant, Non-Apologetic Bigotry

January 10, 2008

Have you ever come across a website that is so vile, so rank with bigotry and hatred that you can’t even believe it? I came across just such a site the other day.

The site claims to be a thoughtful analysis on the subject of racial conditions in America, but in reality the site merely exists to list every news article they can that portrays African-Americans in a negative or lawbreaking manner. I wonder if it ever occurred to the site owners to create a mirror site that lists the child-killings, school shootings, and current elected criminals that “represent” caucasian culture?

I refuse to link to the site here, but I will say that I stumbled upon it when I mistyped the Huffington Post.

On the subject, here is a link to an impressively (if disturbingly) unenlightened individual who chooses to embarrass himself by displaying his small-minded opinions publicly above his restaurant in North Versailles, Pa.


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